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what's app nest yo
snapchat uber instagram

A few more questions...

It came in a dream or in the shower.
Scratching my own itch (solving a problem for myself).
Week-long brainstorming sessions with co-founders.
I stole it from muscular twins.
Something Mark Cuban said on Sharktank.
Internet of things Big data Mobile
Consumer web Wearables Enterprise IT
XaaS NoSQL, MongoDB or Hadoop
I have multiple patents approved.
I have one patent approved and others pending.
I am still filing my patents, but I have registered a trademark.

Last two questions...

Stanford, MIT, Google and Facebook resumes.
This is the second startup of the team that made the cat/cheezburger memes.
Ever heard of SEAL Team Six?
We either work fulltime in retail or live at our mom's house (or both).
Mom and/or spouse Close friends
Life coach Business plan competition
Angel investor or VC Contractor trying to sell me something


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